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Nublu Orchestra - Sketches of NYC [Underground Resistance Remixes]

The tracks from the recently released full-length of Nublu Orchestra beg for remixes, and the Underground Resistance militiamen take up the task for ‘Sketches of NYC’. The I-80 Mix is a big-room thumper, using a scatted vocal line and dissonant horn hits from the original to add drama to the build of an acid bassline and some tastefully tribal drums. The Seventh Tunnel Mix falls squarely in the tech jazz genre that was essentially invented by the Detroit collective. The original elements of ‘Sketches’ are used generously, with what seems like a grace note on the upright being turned into a looped bassline, over which the lead vocals and saxophone ping back and forth. Must have!!


A1 - Sketches of NYC [original] 07:30

A2 - Downstairs [original] 04:20

B1 - Skecthes of NYC [Underground Resistance I-80 Remix] 05:44

B2 - Sketches of NYC [Underground Resistance Seventh Tunnel Remix] 05:45

Nublu Orchestra - Sketches of NYC [Underground Resistance Remixes]

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