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Our Theory


While out on tour, Ilhan Ersahin—the founder of Nublu, the club/record label that gave birth to Brazilian Girls, Kudu, and Wax Poetic—ended up in a jam somewhere with French trumpet player and Blue Note recording artist, Erik Truffaz. The two clicked immediately and decided to go into the studio to record a few sessions together. Ilhan called up long-time collaborator and producer Thor Madsen of Wax Poetic.  Together they entered the journey now presented as Our Theory, a statement of sounds that resonates with a cinematic tone, an orchestral feel, and a sometimes-angular darkness. Joining them were Jochen Rueckert, another Wax Poetic alum, and Matt Penman, a bass player who has performed along side Bobby Hutcherson and other jazz legends.  Our Theory touches on the spirit of Miles Davis circa In A Silent Way, the precision of early recordings from Warp Records artist Squarepusher, and the thick textures from Ninjatune's Norwegian darlings Jaga Jazzist.  The melodies, harmonies and rhythm transport you to the middle of New York City with one window looking into Paris, another into London and one window looking straight into the nature of a distant place, which might be paradise.



1. Our Theory

2. Yeah, That’s Right

3. Nu

4. Beauty

5. Radio

6. Shades of You

7. Blow Up

8. Midsummer Sun

9. Let Me See You Tonight

10. Our Song

Our Theory

  • Catalog: NUB00008

    Format: CD

    Genre: Electronic/Jazz

    Street Date: October 10, 2006

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