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Wax Poetic - Istanbul


Wax Poetic’s Istanbul is the second part in a three-part

series of records from the Nublu founder and bandleader

Ilhan Ersahin’s Wax Poetic project. Where Wax Poetic’s

first major release saw Ersahin collaborating with Brazilian

Girls, Norah Jones, N’dea Davenport and Saul

Williams, Wax Poetic’s Istanbul brings Ilhan to his father’s

homeland to paint his own picture of modern day Turkey —

a street-art portrait that is vibrant and current, one that

tosses the ‘world music’ misnomer on its head. Istanbul is

the second album in a series that takes Ersahin to different

countries where he collaborates with their musicians. The

first record in the series was Copenhagen, and the next will

be Brasil.


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01. Dreamland

02. Var Da

03. Cihangir

04. Their Mood

05. Hoppala

06. Istanbul Lighthouse

07. Istanbul Can be Dub

08. Keyif - The Relaxed Minute

09. Morning Prayer for Us

10. Saints

11. Striptease in Istanbul

12. Calling our Gods

Wax Poetic - Istanbul

  • Catalog #: NUB00012

    Format: CD

    Genre: Pop/Electronic/World

    Street Date: February 7, 2007

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